20th Dies Natalis UPH



The 20th anniversary of Pelita Harapan University was held in September 2014. Series of event was held in one year starting from January and peak of the event ended in September 2014. I have an opportunitiy to work as team member in this project. This event promoted mainly for internal staff and student. For making more splendor this festive events, colorful palette was chosen with connected graphic elements.


The event's logo is all about university's vission and mission combine with number 20 as the main event’s subject, UPH 20th anniversary.

Timeline Events

A reminder about the past 20 years UPH, contain photos and captions about old events that has passed from 1994 until 2013.

Faculty Banner

University’s existence depends on each faculty’s life. Every faculty has their own uniqueness. This banner shows a role model that influence every faculty.

Quote Banner

This banner contains a quote that inspiring to every faculty.


This final events was closed by several performances and book discussion. This book was made as a subject of discussion, using 20th Dies Natalis Logo in the cover.