Visual Identity

Museum Prangko Indonesia



Museum Prangko Indonesia (Indonesian Philatelic Museum) is located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. This museum has been managed by Indonesian Postal Service Company since the beginning. Until 2014, this museum doesn’t have its own visual identity. Instead, it uses several different logos including Indonesian Postal Service. Because of the importance of visual identity for a museum to be recognized, I tried to make an identity design system for Museum Prangko Indonesia.


Keywords are continuity and diversity, because Indonesia has many different cultures yet still connected to each other. The graphic style in this identity combines ethnic and modern style.

Visual System

Museum Prangko Indonesia logo’s is an initial of “P” from “Prangko” which means Stamp in Bahasa (Indonesia). Mostly inspired from Javanese carving called “Roset” in museum’s architecture, the logo is in circular repetition form and represents move, active, and nawasange (Balinese culture) color. To emphasis the modern side, Meta pro was chosen for logo typeface.

Branding Applied

The final visual identity system will work in various media. As a national museum, Museum Prangko Indonesia needs stationery, collection management, entry ticket, brochure, catalog, newsletter for internal use, website, and merchandise.